Refills: Medication prescriptions should be written during our sessions. This allows us to discuss how they are working and how long you should take them. Very occasionally, you may need a refill between sessions. Please call your pharmacy as soon as possible if this should happen to you. Keep an eye on your dosage amount to avoid a rush, and to give the pharmacy and myself enough time to get your refill processed.

Please allow SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS for the office staff to check against your records and acquire clinician approval. I will not authorize refills if you have no future appointment, since I am legally required to ensure that you are in active treatment if I prescribe medications. Please note that in the event of a missed, rescheduled, or cancelled appointment, your medications may not be refilled.

If I notice a pattern of repeated cancellations and refill requests over the phone, this will be addressed, and a service charge of $50 for phone refill requests will be charged for each occurrence.

I am unable to provide refills of medications provided by other prescribing providers or for other medical conditions, including narcotic pain medications, and may not prescribe any medications on your first visit.

Certain medicines (primarily medications used for Attention Deficit Disorder) cannot be refilled by phone or fax. A paper (hard copy) prescription should be requested by phone to our office at 425-640-7009, *152. If the refill is approved, office staff will contact you to find out when you wish to pick up your prescription at the office.